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About us


Handmade multi-wick candles and outdoor candles.

Small candles manufactory in the west of Hamburg.



The candle factory

The candles manufacture of the Polarlichter -candles was founded for candle lovers outside the mainstream. Polarlichter - candles is a  registered trademark. Each candle of Polarlichter - candles is handmade. This ensures the highest possible quality standard. Only tested materials are used. The outdoor candles and multi-wick candles consists of 100% pure wax. Regular burning tests guarantee an optimal burning behavior if the burning instructions are adhered too. The candles are produced in the so-called full casting process and are always colored through.

The concept

Production of outdoor candles and multi-wick candles as handcrafts.

No mass production.

Manufactoring of premium candles out of high quality raw materials.

Establishment of candles as a solid decorative component of living spaces and garden landscapes.

Direct contact with the customers.

Fair prices directly from the manufacturer.

The candles

Polarlichter - candles are manufactured as multi-wick candles and outdoor candles. The main focus of the Polarlichter - candles is the production of outdoor candles for the garden areas. The use of special paraffin mixtures ensures candle surfaces of exceptional gloss. The selection of special wick preparations does ensure that the outdoor candles keep on burning even in windy conditions. The candles are produced as stumps and square.

Brennschale Outdoorkerze


The outdoor candle in size 30 x 30 x 22 cm or as a multi-wick candle for indoor use (30 x 30 x 14 cm).

These candles are only produced by inquiry.